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Resources to Help You  Keep Fremont Peak Open
California State Parks officials recently told Fremont Peak Observatory Association that we must donate $100,000 to the State by Labor Day, or Fremont Peak State Park will close.  It’s not feasible to raise 30 times our annual operating budget with just 30 days notice.    Since it would also be  impossible to raise this amount through individual amateur donations and park fees, FPOA will need to apply for a funding grant, which will take more than half a year.   So, unless something changes quickly, FPSP will close in September.  Even worse, closure will require removal of all telescopes for security reasons, which could mean a lengthy closure.

The decision whether to keep FPSP open is fundamentally a political one.  You can influence the politicians to change the budget and the Department of Parks' priorities.  The most effective means of political advocacy is to appeal directly to state legislators.  Please help describe to legislators in letters, town-hall meetings, and petitions the beneficial impact of FPOA specifically, and park programs generally, on the local community.   Also appeal to other citizens through discussion, newspaper articles, and petitions.  If you create or find any resources that might help others advocate keeping the park open, email it to fpoa_prez [at] comcast [dot] net so we can post it here.

To get involved with FPOA's efforts to keep the park open, contact: 
prez [at] fpoa [dot] net

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